CozyDoc Story

Some ideas are conceived due to a necessity; others are built from experience. The CozyDoc brand was developed both out of personal need and professional experience.

Hi there! My name is Roshi, and I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy graduate and web developer. After suffering from years of chronic lower back pain due to longs hours of sitting at work, I wanted to find ways to eliminate workplace discomfort while boosting my health and productivity at the same time. I would eventually accomplish this goal by integrating the knowledge I learned in physical therapy school and the clinic to my daily working habits.

One area most individuals forget to pay attention to when it comes to their health is workplace ergonomics. After all, we spend 8-hours per day in our workspace, so we might as well optimize it to better accommodate our health. Yet, most existing ergonomic products are bulky, inconvenient, and expensive, and the ones that are cheap typically leaves much to be desired. For this reason, I began developing my own ergonomic products to fill in the gaps. This was how CozyDoc was founded.

Today, I am actively working with other healthcare professionals to expand the CozyDoc brand. Our products are designed to facilitate home and office ergonomics, comfort, and productivity. Most importantly, they will be beneficial to your health!

I love to hear from my customers. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback, or just to say hello. Your voice may help to direct where CozyDoc goes next.

Dr. Roshi Fu, DPT/MBA
Owner, CozyDoc